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As a non-smoker protection association, it is our task to inform you about the important issues relating to this topic. That is why you will find an overview of all relevant topics here.

One of the “eternal” demands of Pro Rauchfrei e.V. for non-smoker protection without exceptions in the catering trade has once again been substantiated in the DKFZ study financed by the Dieter Mennekes Environmental Foundation. A “non-smoker protection law” with countless exceptions is doomed to failure in practice and can therefore at best be described as a law for the protection of smokers, but cannot serve its intended purpose, namely protection against the dangers of tobacco smoke in public places, which essentially includes the catering trade.

We appeal to the decision-makers in Baden-Württemberg, but also in all other federal states with incomplete non-smoker protection in the catering trade, to campaign for a change in the law along the lines of Bavaria or North Rhine-Westphalia:

The factsheet of the study: