Smoke-free stadia

Join us in campaigning for smoke-free stadiums where children, young people and adults alike can take part in an exciting experience in smoke-free air.

Latest news: UEFA announces in March 2024:

🚭 All stadia at EURO 2024 are smoke-free. Smoking, the use of e-cigarettes and heated, non-burning tobacco products is therefore not permitted. Please be considerate of other fans.

You are at a football stadium watching your favourite club play. It’s a high-profile game and the stadium is almost sold out. The fans are sitting close together, roaring with excitement, jumping up and down. There is no wind, the air is above the crowd, all kinds of odours tickle your nose. Not all of them are pleasant. But the worst are the plumes of smoke – people are smoking right in front of you, to your right and somewhere behind you. After just a short time, you are hoarse, your eyes water, you cough and your clothes stink horribly of tobacco smoke. The same thing at every game, you think, why do the Champions League finals, the UEFA European Championship finals and the FIFA World Cup manage to have smoke-free stadiums? Why do the English Premier League and FC Barcelona manage it in their Camp Nou stadium?

The football fans of Pro Rauchfrei want to ensure that at least the stadiums of the three Bundesliga leagues become smoke-free, because: sport and smoking don’t go well together! Let’s do a little calculation for the 1st Bundesliga only:

=18 – 3 of them smoke-free
smokers per match
=1/5 of 40,000 spectators on average (non-smoking blocks taken into account)

smoked cigarettes per stadium per match

=5 cigarettes per smoker during one match
280.000 – 320.000
smoked cigarettes per match day throughout Germany
=40.000 cigarettes times 7 bzw. 8 stadia
224.000 – 256.000
Nichtraucher müssen mitrauchen

=32.000 non-smokers per stadium times 7 or 8

Overview of the Bundesliga and 3rd division stadiums

Current status: 2023/24 season.

Information about which stadium areas are smoke-free, if any, is sometimes difficult to find. We recommend that all clubs clearly and explicitly state the smoke-free zones on their websites, at least in the FAQs and in the stadium regulations. It would also be very useful to include this information in the stadium maps and on the online shop pages for ticket sales. This page has had over 72,000 hits to date (August 2023), i.e. there are numerous fans who would prefer to experience football smoke-free. Smoke-free family blocks are of course only the very first step in the right direction. In fact, the seats in such blocks are often limited, expensive and only for a certain group of people. If the block is small, the positive effect in terms of smoke exposure is very limited. Visitors without children, even in standing areas, have no advantages at all in such stadiums. The opportunity to watch a match smoke-free should be available at a low threshold for all those who value it, ideally for all visitors. Smokers who have problems holding out until half-time can bridge the gap with nicotine replacement products. The protection of health should always take precedence over the possibility of satisfying an addiction.


Club website

Name of Arena

Smoking ban

1. Bundesliga

FC Augsburg the family block and in the non-smoking areas in the stands, also applies to e-cigarettes and tobacco heaters
FC Bayern Münchenwww.fcbayern.deAllianz Arenafrom block access to the stands
Bayer 04 Leverkusenwww.bayer04.deBayArena        in the entire arena
VfL Bochum Ruhrstadionin Bobbi Bolzers family block
Borussia Dortmundwww.bvb.deSignal Iduna Parkin the Rewe family block
Borussia Mönchengladbachwww.borussia.deBorussia-Parkin the AOK family blocks: blocks 1A-8A
SV Darmstadt am Böllenfalltorno
Eintracht Frankfurtwww.eintracht.deDeutsche Bank Parkno smoking (voluntary) in the family block
1. FC Kölnwww.fc-koeln.deRheinEnergieStadionin the stands
SC Freiburgwww.scfreiburg.comEuropa-Park-Stadionon all seats. Also applies to tobacco heaters and e-cigarettes.
1. FC Arenano smoking (voluntary) in the standing and seating areas of the stands
TSG 1899 Hoffenheimwww.achtzehn99.dePreZero Arenain the entire arena, except in designated smoking areas
1. FSV Mainz 05www.mainz05.deMewa Arenain the blocks A, O und F
RB Bull Arenain the stands and seats of the arena. There are designated smoking areas in the lower tier behind the last rows of seats.
VfB Stuttgartwww.vfb.deMercedes-Benz Arenain the blocks 20a, 56a, 60b, 59b sowie 43a+b, 75a-e, 76a-e, 81a-c, 82a-c (family block)
1. FC Union Berlinwww.fc-union-berlin.deStadion an der alten Förstereino
SV Werder Bremenwww.werder.deWohninvest Weserstadionin the blocks 112 and 114, Lower tier; appeal to refrain from smoking „15+90+15“
VfL Wolfsburgwww.vfl-wolfsburg.deVolkswagen Arenain the family blocks 13 and 15, 39-44

2. Bundesliga

SpVgg Greuther Fürth Ronhof | Thomas Sommerin the WBG family block
Hamburger SVwww.hsv.deVolksparkstadionin the blocks 7 – 9; also applies to e-cigarettes.
FC Hansa Rostockwww.fc-hansa.deOstseestadionin the blocks 34-36 (family blocks)
Karlsruher Wildparkin the stands, Also applies to e-cigarettes.
FC St. Pauliwww.fcstpauli.deMillerntor-Stadionin N1 (family block) as well as K1 and K2 (children blocks)
Fortuna Dü Spielarenain the family block in blocks 9 to 14 and on the promenades; smoking is prohibited in the entire stadium when the roof is closed
KSV Holstein the family block (block U)
Hannover 96www.hannover96.deHeinz von Heiden Arenain the blocks S1 – S3 (family stand)
SV Elversberghttps://sv07elversberg.deURSAPHARM-Arena an der Kaiserlindeno
1. FC block 8 and in the family blocks 18 and 20
SV Wehen the family blocks 013 and O14. Also applies to e-cigarettes.
VfL Osnabrü an der Bremer Brückein the family blocks Block E and Q as well as in the uncovered seats between Block H and I on the GiroLive North Stand
1. FC Kaiserslauternwww.fck.deFritz-Walter-Stadionin the family blocks 1.1 and 1.2
Hertha the TEDi-family block (Attention: NO smoking ban in the family block in block 1!)
Eintracht the family blocks 13 and 14 (east stand)
FC Schalke 04www.schalke04.deVeltins-Arenaon the promenades and generally when the roof is closed. No smoking in the AOK family block
1. FC Nürnbergwww.fcn.deMax-Morlock-Stadionin the family blocks 20 and 34
SC Paderborn 07www.scp07.deHome Deluxe Arenain the blocks A, B and R, M as well as C (standing room north stand)

3. Liga

TSV 1860 Mü an der Grünwalder Straßeno
DSC ArminiaücoArenain the family block
Borussia Dortmund IIwww.bvb.deRote Erdeno
SG Dynamo Dresdenwww.dynamo-dresden.deRudolf-Harbig-Stadionin the blocks D1-D4 (family block) and C1-C5
FC Erzgebirge the blocks 11 and 12 (family block)
SC Freiburg all seats. Also applies to tobacco heaters and e-cigarettes
Hallescher FCwww.hallescherfc.deLeuna-Chemie-Stadionno
FC   in the family blocks Q, R and S
SSV Jahn Regensburgin the Jahn family block
VfB Lübeck Lohmühleno
MSV the blocks 7 and 12
Preußen Münsterhttps://scpreussen-muenster.dePreußnstadionno
Rot-Weiss Essen (N)www.rot-weiss-essen.deStadion an der Hafenstraßeno
1. FC Saarbrü
SV am Hardtwaldin the blocks C3-right und D2-left
SSV Ulm 1846www.ssvulm1846-fussball.deDonaustadionin the SSV-family block
SpVgg Unterhachingwww.spvggunterhaching.deSportpark Unterhachingno
FC Viktoria Kölnviktoria1904.deSportpark Höhenbergon the grandstands (standing and seating areas)
SV Waldhof Mannheim voluntary) in the family blocks 11 and 18
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The following document contains a detailed explanation of why stadiums should be smoke-free by law and how this law can be implemented. Click on the icon to open the pdf in a new window.

In a letter to the interior ministries of the federal states, the DFB and the DFL, we set out the understandable and good reasons in favour of regulation by politicians, as the issue of smoke-free stadiums is of great importance.

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