Inside the flat

The home is a person’s last place of retreat – this is where you should feel at home and not be disturbed by others. Unfortunately, we experience time and again that people are disturbed by neighbours who smoke without restraint. We help by advising you on your rights and try to help by mediating. Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

What to do if you have trouble with smoking neighbours?

You can find out what you can do (in advance) and how we can help you in our information What to do if your neighbour smokes (click on the link or the preview image to download the pdf).

First measures when you are molested by your neighbour's smoking

You can also download our Smoke-free Living flyer. Click on the link or the document and a new window will open. Right-click on the flyer and select “Save as” to download the document to your hard drive.

A heavy smoker was legally given notice to quit his flat. The Düsseldorf Regional Court’s judgement on smoking and the consequences:

What impact does the lawful termination of a smoker’s tenancy have on other cases? What rights do tenants, landlords and neighbours have? asked lawyer Sascha Lembcke about the lessons to be learned from the Düsseldorf Regional Court’s smoking judgement. To the interview

Other judgements that are interesting in this context:

An 83-year-old tenant has to move out because he rubs himself with “horse ointment” and doesn’t ventilate enough: