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Freedom only exists with mutual respect and consideration. Tolerance only works if it is practiced by everyone involved. In smoky pubs and restaurants, however, only the smoker is free and tolerance is unilaterally demanded of the non-smoker. In practice, employees have no right to healthy working conditions – unlike supermarket cashiers, car mechanics, bankers or teachers.

More than 780,000 people in Germany are affected by this injustice.
We want to create real freedom, promote and demand mutual consideration and realize tolerance based on reciprocity. This is why we demand, among other things, a uniform nationwide smoking ban for all catering establishments and equal rights for employees in the hospitality industry. Healthy working conditions must no longer be a private matter; they must finally become a matter of course for all employees.

For smokers, the associated restrictions are minimal: instead of smoking indoors, people can smoke outside. A compromise for everyone that avoids total smoking bans and exclusion on both sides.

To get closer to this goal, we need many supporters and members.
People like you who would like to go out smoke-free or would like a smoke-free workplace, for example, which they don’t have at the moment.

Why is your support so important and your voice so valuable?

There are more than 60 million non-smokers in Germany. Less than 1 per thousand of them are organized in associations and interest groups.

There are many reasons for this: some don’t want to join a club on principle, others are afraid of being seen as outsiders or killjoys and some are afraid that their employer will find out and there will be trouble. The last point in particular is often cited, although it is a strong sign that something is wrong in our society.

There are fewer than 20 million smokers. However, most of them are known to the tobacco companies through competitions, contests, club memberships, orders, etc. with their gender, name, address and age and are therefore courted accordingly and exploited for the economic interests of the companies. Tobacco companies spend many millions of euros per year on advertising activities and lobbying.

The current development in non-smoker protection laws shows where this is leading:
An entire industry with more than 780,000 employees is being excluded from healthy working conditions and non-smokers often have to choose between isolation or tobacco smoke.
Yet most smokers would have no problem going outside to smoke. But these smokers don’t speak up, they behave quite normally.
All you can hear and see are the “wheel robbers” who roam the streets with torches, disobey the law, swear, bully and threaten. This also includes restaurateurs who are made to fear for their own existence by lying about their turnover. But it is precisely the landlords who should know better:
Only tobacco companies make money from smoking – publicans only make money from food and drink.

That is why it is so important that you jump over your own shadow.

The following reasons also speak for this:

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  • Membership as a supporter does not cost you a single cent and can be terminated at any time.
  • Your vote is counted immediately and effectively brings us all one step closer to our goal.
  • You have the good feeling of having done something good with little effort.