Revision of the non-smoker protection laws of the federal states on the occasion of cannabis legalisation

Die Nichtraucherschutzgesetze der Bundesländer müssen für alle Tabak- und neuartigen Produkte sowie Cannabis erweitert werden

01.04.2024  Pro Rauchfrei calls on the federal states to improve non-smoker protection on the occasion of cannabis legalisation. The legalisation of cannabis on 1 April 2024 makes it necessary to revise the non-smoker protection laws of the federal states. As with tobacco, the federal government has only rudimentarily regulated non-smoker protection against cannabis and has … Read more

Smoke-free outdoor baths: sport and fun in fresh air

Swimming and smoking are no good match

Last update: 27.04.2024, first published 08.05.2015: The outdoor pool season starts in May. For the first brave souls to sprinkle the sunbathing lawns, it will still be a smoke-free pleasure as they have plenty of space around the deckchair. But where can you always swim smoke-free? But on the really hot summer days and during … Read more

Achieving a breakthrough for non-smoker protection: Annual General Meeting 2022 of Pro Rauchfrei

17.10.2022  Informing, advising, right to sue, lobbying: Pro Rauchfrei presented its activities for the protection of non-smokers at its annual general meeting on 8 October. The situation: advertising for tobacco and nicotine products is flooding the market, the smoking rate has reached a 30-year high of over 37 per cent and tobacco waste cannot be … Read more