Smoke-free outdoor baths: sport and fun in fresh air

Swimming and smoking are no good match

Last update: 27.04.2024, first published 08.05.2015: The outdoor pool season starts in May. For the first brave souls to sprinkle the sunbathing lawns, it will still be a smoke-free pleasure as they have plenty of space around the deckchair. But where can you always swim smoke-free? But on the really hot summer days and during … Read more

Summer, sun, … Cigarette fumes

Liegewiesen von Freibädern sollen rauchfrei sein

03.08.2022  More and more outdoor pools across Germany are implementing smoke-free areas to keep all bathers healthy. During the current swimming season, a clear trend can be seen in outdoor swimming pools across Germany. The creation of smoke-free areas in open-air swimming pools enables young and old bathers to have fun in the fresh air. … Read more