Flavours in e-liquids: the mass human experiment

Die tausenden an Aromen sind ein riesiger Versuch am Menschen mit völlig unerforschten Wirkungen.

24.01.2024  E-cigarette flavours have their own addictive potential and harbour health risks – both must be included in the harm-benefit analysis for e-cigarettes. The issues of indoor air pollution and the effects of passive vapour will also become more important for non-consumers if the number of consumers continues to rise and non-smoker protection in Germany … Read more

Good but insufficient: Statement on planned regulation for heated tobacco products

13.01.2023 As part of an association participation on the draft of a third law to amend the Tobacco Products Act with regard to the withdrawal of certain exemptions in relation to heated tobacco products and on the draft of a fourth ordinance to amend the Tobacco Products Ordinance, Pro Rauchfrei announces its statement submitted to … Read more