Smoke-free outdoor baths: sport and fun in fresh air

Swimming and smoking are no good match

Last update: 27.04.2024, first published 08.05.2015: The outdoor pool season starts in May. For the first brave souls to sprinkle the sunbathing lawns, it will still be a smoke-free pleasure as they have plenty of space around the deckchair. But where can you always swim smoke-free? But on the really hot summer days and during … Read more

Update: Comprehensively improve non-smoker protection in cannabis legalisation!

When legalising cannabis, the protection of non-smokers must be fully taken into account and extended.

22.08.2023 Pro Rauchfrei comments to the Federal Government and Bundestag on the government draft of the Cannabis Act On August 16, 2023, the federal government passed the government draft of the Cannabis Act. The provisions on the protection of non-smokers are completely inadequate. They have even been significantly worsened compared to the draft bill commented … Read more