Tobacco consumption versus health protection

Smoke-free public spaces demanded – no more mask exemptions 09.02.2021 Our respiratory tracts are exposed to multiple pollutants: in addition to emissions from industrial production, motorized traffic, heating, etc., smoking is also the greatest avoidable health risk. The coronavirus has exacerbated this burden for over a year now. We initially assumed that, at the latest … Read more

No more trivialising the risk of smoking

Smoking status by pack year must be documented 03.02.2021 In Germany, the enormous risk of smokers suffering a severe course and death from a coronavirus infection is systematically swept under the carpet. No wonder, as we are the undisputed European leader in tobacco prevention. All appeals by Pro Rauchfrei to have smoking status recorded have … Read more

Dubious study promotes nicotine as protection against CoVid-19

Eine Zigarette steckt in einem abgeknickten Mündungsrohr einer Schießwaffe

28.04.2020 Unfortunately, the reaction of the media to a study on the correlation between nicotine consumption and CoVid-19 risk can only be described as “business as usual”. After all, whenever research findings relating to tobacco or nicotine are made public, they always generate the greatest possible press coverage. This is also the case here. And … Read more