Revision of the non-smoker protection laws of the federal states on the occasion of cannabis legalisation

Die Nichtraucherschutzgesetze der Bundesländer müssen für alle Tabak- und neuartigen Produkte sowie Cannabis erweitert werden

01.04.2024  Pro Rauchfrei calls on the federal states to improve non-smoker protection on the occasion of cannabis legalisation. The legalisation of cannabis on 1 April 2024 makes it necessary to revise the non-smoker protection laws of the federal states. As with tobacco, the federal government has only rudimentarily regulated non-smoker protection against cannabis and has … Read more

The federal government can and must comprehensively regulate the protection of non-smokers – including in restaurants


18.10.2023 Under constitutional law, the federal government has comprehensive legislative competence for the protection of non-smokers. In the hospitality industry as well. To date, it has only made very limited use of this and has largely left the protection of non-smokers to the federal laender. In doing so, it is violating its obligations under international … Read more

Comprehensively improve non-smoker protection in cannabis legalisation!

16.07.2023 Pro Rauchfrei comments on the draft Cannabis Act to the Federal Government in the hearing of associations. The draft Cannabis Act allows smoking rooms to be set up in workplaces, in federal authorities and even in aeroplanes, where cannabis may also be smoked. For most other areas of life, no non-smoker protection is provided … Read more