Participate as a regional representative

As a regional representative, you can actively realise the goals of the association in cooperation with interested members in your federal state. You work on a voluntary basis and can organise your time as you wish. Expenses for travelling or other necessary expenses can be reimbursed in accordance with our administrative and travel expenses regulations. … Read more

On the balcony

Encouraged by the increased importance of non-smoker protection in our society, non-smokers who are bothered by smoking neighbors in their apartment or condominium are beginning to fight back, some of whom have been doing so for years and have previously asked for consideration from smokers to no avail. One contentious issue here is smoking on … Read more

Participate in the Consumer Protection Unit

Pro Rauchfrei e.V. is looking for you! The Pro Rauchfrei e.V. association is a successful counselling and support association for all aspects of non-smoker protection. We are registered in the list of qualified organisations maintained by the Federal Office of Justice in accordance with § 4 UKlaG, see also the page on representative actions. We … Read more