Pro Rauchfrei sues again for lack of warnings on images on cigarette vending machines – first success in court

05.04.2024  Although Pro Rauchfrei e.V. obtained a landmark ruling from the Federal Court of Justice (BGH, 26 October 2023 – I ZR 176/19) in October last year after more than six years, according to which illustrations of packs must also show health warnings, regrettably nothing has changed in practice apart from a new pack design. … Read more

No more free cigarettes for birthdays – tobacco company JTI issues cease-and-desist declaration

Screenshot vom TikTok-Video: Ein Päckchen mit einer kostenlosen Packung Zigaretten als Geburtstagsgeschenk vom Hersteller

30.11.2022 Because the tobacco company JTI distributed Camel brand cigarettes to end consumers free of charge despite a legal ban, Pro Rauchfrei initiated injunction proceedings against both the company and the advertising agency responsible. Following discussions with the association, both companies issued cease-and-desist declarations. Social media is in. From self-made home stories to professional influencers, … Read more

Summer, sun, … Cigarette fumes

Liegewiesen von Freibädern sollen rauchfrei sein

03.08.2022  More and more outdoor pools across Germany are implementing smoke-free areas to keep all bathers healthy. During the current swimming season, a clear trend can be seen in outdoor swimming pools across Germany. The creation of smoke-free areas in open-air swimming pools enables young and old bathers to have fun in the fresh air. … Read more