No more trivialising the risk of smoking

Smoking status by pack year must be documented 03.02.2021 In Germany, the enormous risk of smokers suffering a severe course and death from a coronavirus infection is systematically swept under the carpet. No wonder, as we are the undisputed European leader in tobacco prevention. All appeals by Pro Rauchfrei to have smoking status recorded have … Read more

If you don’t do it for yourself – do it for others

Tabakrauch ist verantwortlich für 80-90 Prozent sämtlicher Lungentumoren

30.5.2019 Tomorrow is World No Tobacco Day again … and smokers can find out how dangerous smoking is, especially for the lungs, but not only. Various stop-smoking programmes will also be presented. Perhaps this will persuade some people to start quitting smoking. However, there is usually no big shock, as smokers today are theoretically well … Read more