Revision of the non-smoker protection laws of the federal states on the occasion of cannabis legalisation

Die Nichtraucherschutzgesetze der Bundesländer müssen für alle Tabak- und neuartigen Produkte sowie Cannabis erweitert werden

01.04.2024  Pro Rauchfrei calls on the federal states to improve non-smoker protection on the occasion of cannabis legalisation. The legalisation of cannabis on 1 April 2024 makes it necessary to revise the non-smoker protection laws of the federal states. As with tobacco, the federal government has only rudimentarily regulated non-smoker protection against cannabis and has … Read more

Enjoyment without smoke in Baden-Württemberg

Still one “Lucha” away from the model country when it comes to non-smoker protection 23.12.2019  When Social Affairs Minister Manfred Lucha wants to introduce exemplary non-smoker protection in the “model state”, he is not only greatly improving health protection for the entire population, but is also meeting the expectations of foreign travellers. This is because … Read more