Landlady from the Munich area sentenced to a fine of 2,000 euros

Aschenbecher auf einem Tisch - Symbolbild

19.12.2023 Because a landlady remained stubborn after Pro Rauchfrei e.V. had obtained a court order prohibiting her from tolerating smoking in the fully enclosed tent extension of her restaurant, she was sentenced in no uncertain terms to a substantial fine of EUR 2,000, or alternatively imprisonment, by the Regional Court of Munich I (LG Munich … Read more

The federal government can and must comprehensively regulate the protection of non-smokers – including in restaurants


18.10.2023 Under constitutional law, the federal government has comprehensive legislative competence for the protection of non-smokers. In the hospitality industry as well. To date, it has only made very limited use of this and has largely left the protection of non-smokers to the federal laender. In doing so, it is violating its obligations under international … Read more

The myth of the 75 sqm rule

Sind Kneipen mit 75 qm Gastfläche wirklich noch kleine Kneipen?

30.06.2009 When it comes to non-smoker protection, there is no number that is bandied about as often as the figure of 75 square metres stipulated by the Federal Constitutional Court, which, according to the ruling, is intended to save “small” corner pubs, whose majority customers are smokers, from going under. So far, so good. Less … Read more