Revision of the non-smoker protection laws of the federal states on the occasion of cannabis legalisation

Die Nichtraucherschutzgesetze der Bundesländer müssen für alle Tabak- und neuartigen Produkte sowie Cannabis erweitert werden

01.04.2024  Pro Rauchfrei calls on the federal states to improve non-smoker protection on the occasion of cannabis legalisation. The legalisation of cannabis on 1 April 2024 makes it necessary to revise the non-smoker protection laws of the federal states. As with tobacco, the federal government has only rudimentarily regulated non-smoker protection against cannabis and has … Read more

“Only a first step in the right direction” – Pro Rauchfrei welcomes as well as regrets the decision of the Federal Court of Justice

26.10.2023 After several years and two rulings by the European Court of Justice, the German Federal Court of Justice has drawn a first line in the sand with today’s ruling*: In future, vending machines with images that resemble cigarette packs must also display the legally required warnings. After years of tug-of-war against expert opinions from … Read more

Strengthening tobacco control: Opinion on the evaluation of the EU legal framework for tobacco control

16.05.2023 Pro Smokefree welcomes the fact that the EU Commission wants to revise the European legal framework for tobacco control as part of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan (EBCP). We support the goal of a smoke-free Europe in which only 5% of the population smokes by 2040. To this end, European legislation should provide Member States … Read more