Who we are

Logo von Pro RauchfreiChairman: Dipl.-Jur. Stephan Weinberger

Contact: E-Mail: vorstand@pro-rauchfrei.de | Phone: 089 58808580

Lobby registrations
  • Bavarian Lobby Register: under DEBYLT02EA
  • Lobby Register of the German Bundestag: under R003833
  • European Transpareny Register: under 559106150011-21

The association Pro Rauchfrei was founded on the initiative of private individuals who were tired of being exposed to carcinogenic passive smoke in many places. They realized that the traditional non-smoking associations and initiatives, with their focus on education and prevention, were mainly concerned with smokers who wanted to quit or who wanted to stop young people from smoking. They did not offer any active interventions or legal help against the unfortunately everyday and omnipresent “forced smoking”.

For this reason, the private initiative “Smokefreeliving” was launched in May 2003. The initial successes and the rapidly growing number of visitors and registered users prompted the decision to turn the private initiative into a legal, registered and non-profit association. In September 2004, with around 20 people present, the Pro Rauchfrei association was founded in Berlin. The association grew rapidly from then on and is now Germany’s largest and most active non-smoking association.

Pro Rauchfrei is particularly active in consumer protection. We not only focus on restaurants, transport and “smoke-free” areas in general, but also on workplaces and public places of all kinds, from sports stadia and playgrounds to school grounds.

Pro Rauchfrei is officially registered as a recipient of fines in preliminary, criminal and clemency proceedings with:

  • Munich Higher Regional Court (incl. the associated courts and public prosecutor’s offices)
  • North Rhine-Westphalia judiciary (state-wide)
  • Stuttgart Higher Regional Court
  • Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court

Our Positions

can be found in our position paper: