Update: Comprehensively improve non-smoker protection in cannabis legalisation!

22.08.2023 Pro Rauchfrei comments to the Federal Government and Bundestag on the government draft of the Cannabis Act

On August 16, 2023, the federal government passed the government draft of the Cannabis Act. The provisions on the protection of non-smokers are completely inadequate. They have even been significantly worsened compared to the draft bill commented on by Pro Rauchfrei during the hearing of the associations: the federal government has even removed the ban on smoking in cars when children or pregnant women are passengers from the draft bill. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach had previously stated in the short news service “X”: “Children and pregnant women need better protection in society. A ban on smoking in cars in their presence is a must. It should have been introduced earlier; pregnancy and young children in particular can cause permanent damage”.

This underlines the fact that health protection is not a priority for the federal government. We continue to campaign for the comprehensive improvement of non-smoker protection in Germany with this law and for a ban on smoking in cars when children or pregnant women are present to be reintroduced into the law.

We have updated our statement from the hearing of the associations as well as our draft bill for the new version of the Federal Non-Smoker Protection Act and submitted it to the Bundestag and the Federal Government.