Tobacco-free Germany: Civil society must also take action

World No Tobacco Day 2021

30.05.2021 The promising building blocks for a tobacco-free Germany by 2040 are:
  • More smoke-free places
  • Smoking ban in cars
  • Regular, noticeable tax increases
  • Plain packaging Tobacco products in specialist shops,
  • vending machine ban
  • Low-threshold cessation offers
  • Comprehensive advertising and sponsorship ban

Together with many others, we are committed to this. In the case of Pro Rauchfrei, this also involves legal means in consumer protection. But the road to get there is long and tobacco lobbying is still very successful. Meanwhile, over 120,000 smokers die prematurely from their illness every year, and at least 3,000 non-smokers die from secondhand smoke. Many people’s health and well-being are damaged by tobacco smoke that they are exposed to against their will.

That is why civil society must also become more active and use its resources to ensure that all of our everyday lives become smoke-free: employers, landlords, dealers, entrepreneurs, businesses, clubs, municipalities – and not to forget all of us when we are guests, visitors, customers . And: You can also support Pro Rauchfrei by making a contribution, donating or actively participating!

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