In memory of Dieter Mennekes

06.05.2020 We mourn the loss of our dedicated member Dieter Mennekes. “He was a personal friend to me and a great benefactor to our association”, said Chairman Siegfried Ermer on his sudden death. We will honour his memory with gratitude.

With his Dieter Mennekes Environmental Foundation, founded in 1999, Dieter Mennekes actively and financially promoted the protection of non-smokers: be it research projects, campaigns or referendums such as the Bavarian “for real non-smoker protection”. In this way, he made a decisive contribution to the success of the referendum in 2010. Dieter Mennekes from Sauerland was also active in the run-up to the 2013 amendment to the law in North Rhine-Westphalia in favour of strict non-smoker protection.

The entrepreneur and environmental activist Dieter Mennekes has achieved a great deal and left his mark, which will hopefully be followed up by his foundation.

The Board of Pro Rauchfrei