Pro Rauchfrei now calls for anti-tobacco measures

Tobacco control is part of effective disease control

31.03.2020  Although our civil liberties have been massively restricted to contain the coronavirus pandemic, smoking continues to be promoted as an extremely risky activity. Not only is the government once again postponing the implementation of the tobacco advertising ban and the ban on smoking in cars indefinitely, but tobacco shops are explicitly excluded from the shop closures.

“If politicians wanted to utilise all effective measures against the spread of the coronavirus, they would have to ban the sale of tobacco products,” says Siegfried Ermer, Federal Chairman of Pro Rauchfrei.

This is because smokers are among the identified risk groups when it comes to infection by the virus and a severe course of the disease. No wonder, as they weaken their immune system and damage their lungs. In addition, smoking outdoors through frequent hand-mouth contact counteracts the urgently recommended hygiene precautions for self-protection.

Unfortunately, however, Pro Rauchfrei also knows that this demand is once again being thrown to the wind – just like the demand for the rapid adoption of the above-mentioned laws, without any exemptions. If tobacco products were to be resold, smoking bans in public places and intensive cessation programmes for nicotine addicts would at least be the order of the day.

Whoever says “exit restriction” should also say “smoking restriction”, in the interests of the entire health system.