Enjoyment without smoke in Baden-Württemberg

Still one “Lucha” away from the model country when it comes to non-smoker protection

23.12.2019  When Social Affairs Minister Manfred Lucha wants to introduce exemplary non-smoker protection in the “model state”, he is not only greatly improving health protection for the entire population, but is also meeting the expectations of foreign travellers. This is because they are regularly shocked by the lax non-smoker protection in catering establishments in federal states such as Baden-Württemberg. Neither separate (non-)smoking areas nor designated smoking bars guarantee a smoke-free night out. The unclear and complicated regulations mean that the smoke is also drawn into non-smoking areas. The result is forced passive smoking, not to mention the foul odour from clothing and hair.

Satisfied guests stay longer and consume more. Smokers accept comprehensible regulations – such as a consistent smoking ban – surprisingly quickly, as neighbouring Austria proves. This is also to the benefit of tourism there. Finally, publicans can compete with their core competences without having to fear distortions caused by smoking as a subordinate service.

“It is in fact only a few steps for smokers, outside or around the corner, that mean more health and well-being for employees and guests in the catering trade,” Siegfried Ermer, press spokesman for Pro Rauchfrei e.V., makes clear: “Smoke-free indoor areas in publicly accessible buildings are already the standard throughout Europe – smoke-free outdoor areas would be the icing on the cake that could put Baden-Württemberg at the top of the German federal states as a true connoisseur state. The co-governing CDU should bear this in mind when discussing the Social Affairs Minister’s proposal for genuine non-smoker protection.”