More and more countries are opting for standardised packaging

03.06.2016  Offering tobacco products in standardised packs, known as plain packaging, is another way of making smoking less attractive to young people. FCA, an association of many non-governmental organisations for the promotion of FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control), published a map in 2016. A new addition (not yet on the world map) is Gambia, whose health minister announced the introduction of plain packages at the end of August this year.

Standardised packaging is all the same colour. According to the results of surveys conducted by a market research agency on behalf of the Australian government, this colour is “Pantone 448 C” or “Opaque Couché”, a rather organic-looking brown. The study participants, including 1,000 smokers, associated it with dirt, tar and death. The largest part of the pack is taken up by a combination of image and text warnings, with the brand name at the bottom, whose font and colour are also uniformly designed.