About the association

How can I support the work of Pro Rauchfrei?

Either through active participation (see information on becoming a member) or by making a donation to our association account: IBAN: DE27 7635 0000 0051 0044 40, BIC: BYLADEM1ERH at Sparkasse Erlangen.

Donations to Pro Rauchfrei are tax-deductible. If you would like to receive a donation receipt – a bank statement is sufficient for donations of up to 200 euros – please state your full name and your current postal address when making the transfer or send us a message using our contact form. Your donations will be used exclusively to fulfill our statutory objectives (overview).

Why do we need non-smoker protection? Everyone can decide for themselves where to go.

You can do this if you live somewhere with enough options. Unfortunately, this is not the case for people with few restaurants / bars / venues around where they live. For example, the smoke-free offer in bars still leaves a lot to be desired, but the issue goes beyond the catering trade. Imagine you could no longer ventilate your home because a chain-smoking neighbor has moved in. Even if an employee has a legal right to a smoke-free workplace, they cannot always demand it without risking dismissal or an intolerable working atmosphere. And don’t forget, on your own you will often only be seen as a “weirdo”, whereas represented by a group of like-minded people you will be listened to more.

Does Pro Rauchfrei assume that smokers are bad people?

No, certainly not. Many of our fellow human beings are smokers: friends, work colleagues, relatives. We don’t think less of them just because they smoke. We just want to live our lives smoke-free and are therefore committed to protecting non-smokers.

Does Pro Rauchfrei want to ban smoking in general?

No, we are a non-smoker PROTECTION association. Our aim is to enable non-smokers to participate fully in social life. This must be achieved through comprehensive smoking bans, because only these are morally and legally justifiable. Anyone who absolutely has to smoke can do so where it doesn’t bother others.

How can I persuade my smoking friends to go to smoke-free places?

Ask your friends to be considerate. Remain firm and make it clear to them that you don’t want to smoke. Suggest the compromise that you can go to a smoke-free pub and the others can always go outside to smoke. In the long term, you can try to influence the choice of pub yourself in advance. True friends will understand you and take you into consideration.

What arguments are there for effective non-smoker protection?

In the past, very good arguments for effective non-smoker protection in the catering trade have been compiled time and again and some of them have also been posted on the Internet. The authors often put a lot of effort into this and produced some really excellent documents that are well worth reading. Unfortunately, such documents are often forgotten, they become orphaned or disappear completely. There is an easy-to-read documentation of good arguments on this page: http://guteluft.wordpress.com/ (in German).

Doors of smoking rooms are often open and everything is smoky. What can I do?

Always remain calm and objective and do not shy away from confrontation. If you realize that you cannot achieve anything and are immediately met with a lack of understanding, you can use our complaint form for your own protection. You’ll be taken more seriously when represented by a group of like-minded people.

How can I get involved?

You can become a member with us free of charge. This shows that you support us. The stronger we become as an association, the more we can achieve! As a member, you also have the opportunity to volunteer in a variety of ways. Become part of a community of interested and committed non-smokers!

Isn’t a non-smoking club terribly stuffy?

Not at all. A wide variety of people are members of Pro Rauchfrei. They all have just one goal: to be able to live their lives free from cigarette smoke in all its diversity.

What does Pro Rauchfrei think about tobacco advertising and cigarette vending machines?

Poster advertising for cigarettes is specifically designed to entice adolescents to smoke. Tobacco vending machines also endanger the protection of minors. In addition, the constant presence and availability of tobacco in public prevents a change in awareness, which is also important for sustainable protection of non-smokers. Pro Rauchfrei is therefore in favor of abolishing poster advertising and cigarette vending machines. In any case, both are almost only available in Germany.

The tobacco lobby is very powerful. Is there any hope for the association to achieve its goals?

The alternative, resignation, is worse. Pro Rauchfrei has been successful in the past, see for example the referendum it organized in Bavaria. This battle was won despite the high level of funding provided by the tobacco industry.